Decent duck deemed delinquent dices death. (Unsplash) Decent duck deemed delinquent dices death. (Unsplash)

Acting on outdated information, the coast guard killed a thief thought to be wanted overseas. But he had already made amends with that country.

da_duck_tv was wandering through Pavia and enjoying the wonderful sightseeing opportunities.

He was on a mission to find some sugarcane.

But as he was enjoying his time in the garden, the Pavian Government was preparing to kill him.

As he left Pavia, the coast guard started after him and followed him for more than 3,000 metres.

A coast guard official swiftly slaughtered the tourist while he gathered some bamboo.

The government was relying on information shared by the SPQR that it sought da_duck_tv on extradition for petty theft.

Little did Pavian authorities know, he had already settled his debts with SPQR and was no longer wanted.

Information sharing to be reviewed

The Pavian Government has committed to reviewing the process for sharing information between friendly countries.

Duke of Bedford and ambassador to the Elysian Pact BritishWanderer III said talks were already underway.

“I have started to engage with my counterparts in the Elysian Pact to establish a refined and better structured wanted list”, the duke said.

“We will seek further comprehensive reviews on the information shared between all parties and the timeframes in which it is shared.”

No ill will after killing

But the killing has had no impact on da_duck_tv’s feelings about Pavia.

“I forgive you and all parties involved that led to my murder”, he said to the Crown Prince Gobblin I.

“I genuinely feel like it was a great way to meet you and your great nation!”

The coast guard has taken steps to make amends for the mistake.

“We wholeheartedly apologise for this incident and have attempted to pay reparations to the victim and their family for the part that we played in causing this”, a spokesperson said.

“As an organisation, we are currently on high alert due to global tensions.”

“This meant that multiple safeguards which are usually in place were not followed this evening.”

“We cannot comment further on individual cases.”

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