Workers were surprised to learn big hole was for a vault. (Unsplash) Workers were surprised to learn big hole was for a vault. (Unsplash)

Pavian workers say they feel blindsided after an excavation project they were told was a future train station turned out to be a new prison.

Earlier, the Tribune reported that workers excavated the future site of an underground train station in just three days. But workers and our reporters recently learnt that this was actually the site of a “vault” prison.

“Neither the union or workers were informed of the true purpose for the worksite,” said paronaayne, the national secretary of the Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Engineering Union.

“Our workers had their doubts when the government asked us to dig a train station’s foundations all the way to bedrock.

“We are disappointed that the Pavian Government felt it couldn’t disclose the true purpose of the project with workers.

“The construction of a prison is a significant undertaking with particular workplace safety considerations.”

The “situation has changed”

Construction of the prison follows the government recently stating that it views itself as a “non-militaristic nation”.

But it now says that it was necessary to build the prison in Pavia.

“The simple fact is that the situation on the world stage has changed,” said Cissonius, the Duke of Braemar and head of the coast guard.

“We are between a rock and a hard place. Either we were defenceless or we built defensive infrastructure.

“Pavia must be able to defend itself.”

The government has also said it was necessary to keep the project private before it was completed.

“To maintain operational security, it was necessary that workers were not aware of the nature of the structure,” a government spokesperson said.

“There was no malicious intention behind the secrecy. And it is hard to keep the final product a secret. The prison is clearly visible to the public.”

Security welcomed by allies

The government also said that the move was welcomed by its defensive allies.

“Our allies in the Lyrean Community and those further abroad welcome entrenched security in Pavia,” said BritishWanderer, Duke of Bedford.

“Not just for the security of Pavia but for the security of the entire Lyrean Community region.

“The Pavian Government holds little concern for Rhode Island’s attempts to dictate our security policy. No outside power should hold the ability to control the construction of security infrastructure.

“We did not construct this installation to be aggressive. We built it to be defensive.

“If that provokes Rhode Island, then I believe that shows more of their true colours than ours.”

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