Quick to respond, Pavia receives thanks from the Grand Imperium. (Unsplash) Quick to respond, Pavia receives thanks from the Grand Imperium. (Unsplash)

The coast guard has apprehended an international fugitive who fled the Grand Imperium after allegedly committing several serious crimes.

Shortly after Picle1 allegedly killed two government officials and a citizen of the Grand Imperium in what is called an attempt to overthrow the government.

He is also alleged to have placed obsidian throughout Capitum, the capital of the Grand Imperium.

Grand Imperium was quick to notify Pavia through government communication channels.

“When the coast guard was alerted to an ongoing bombing incident, the on-call officer triaged the report as urgent and dispatched three coast guard members to the area immediately,” a spokesperson for the coast guard said.

“Shortly after arriving, the subject was located in a bunker and taken into custody.”

Lyrean Community shows neighbourly spirit

Members across the Lyrean Community came quickly to help the Grand Imperium.

“We thank Emperor Attropak for quickly notifying the Lyrean Community of the situation in the Grand Imperium,” said BritishWanderer, Duke of Bedford and diplomat to the Lyrean Community.

“Once we understood the seriousness of the situation, members rapidly came to help our neighbours.

“Pavia, Titan and Mehri helped clear reinforced obsidian placed by the criminal from the Grand Imperium.

“Pavia stands strong with her allies in the Lyrean Community and is disgusted at this abhorrent attack on a close friend.”

The Lyrean Community recently passed a resolution condeming obsidian bombs.

Grand Imperium thanks Pavian “heroes”

The Grand Imperium thanked the “heroes” of Pavia for helping resolve the situation.

“Neighbours and allies from across the world immediately converged on Capitum to save us,” said Emperor Attoprak in a statement.

“Those who rushed to aid their friends will not be forgotten.

We will work hard to recover our losses, restore our capital and make the Imperium a safe place to live once again.

“If this incident exposed military weakness, it also showed our diplomatic strength.

“The friendship between all our nations is reaffirmed and the Grand Imperium stands in your debt. We hope to be able to repay you with interest!”

Picle1 is being held in the Pavian prison awaiting extradition to the Grand Imperium.

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