The threat level in Pavia is elevated amidst growing conflict. (Unsplash) The threat level in Pavia is elevated amidst growing conflict. (Unsplash)

On advice from the coast guard, the Pavian Government has elevated the national threat level to expected. Pavians need to exercise caution while in Pavia and follow advice from authorities.

We understand that citizens may be concerned after recent news about a brief incursion in Pavia.

Pavia has quickly implemented a National Threat Advisory System, indicating the likelihood of conflict in Pavia.

We encourage all Pavians to stay up to date with the threat level and follow advice from local authorities, including the coast guard.

You may be directed to evacuate for safety. You should follow all of these directions.

There is no need for panic. If you check for the latest advice, you will remain safe in Pavia.

Shortly, we will be building citizen panic bunkers to maintain your personal security in the event of a further attack.

In the meantime, we are working with our allies and trying to engage with other countries through diplomatic channels to protect all Pavians.

You can remain assured that the Pavian Government is doing everything it can to keep you safe.

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