Government officials are alarmed by the actions of Rhode Island in Pavia. (Unsplash) Government officials are alarmed by the actions of Rhode Island in Pavia. (Unsplash)

Within days of the Pavian vault being built, Rhode Island briefly invades Pavia and destroys a snitch monitoring visitors to the prison, alarming government officials.

Currently only holding a foreign criminal alleged of having attempted to overthrow a foreign government, the prison falls victim to the conflict between Rhode Island and Estalia in a surprise attack.

The Pavian Government says that a snitch was broken and several obsidian blocks were placed as part of the minor incursion.

“Pavia takes this provocation from Rhode Island extremely seriously,” said Cissonius, the Duke of Braemar and head of the coast guard.

“We had high hopes given the reformation of the Rhode Island government that we might see a diplomatic end to a tragic war.

“The reprehensible attack by two Rhode Island citizens against Pavia was small in scale thanks to the bastion defences the coast guard employed around key infrastructure. Critical areas are heavily protected and the buildings our nation is renowned for remain safe.

“We are working with our allies to understand how best we can bolster any remaining defences.”

Allies on alert

The government has let its allies know about the attack.

“We have communicated with our allies in the Elysian Pact to notify them of this incursion, as well as our allies in the Lyrean Community and friends abroad,” said BritishWanderer, Duke of Bedford and diplomat.

“We have no intent on keeping this incident a secret as it shows a blatant disregard for our sovereignty by Rhode Island. They should be called out publicly for this.

“Pavia has contacted Rhode Island through diplomatic channels for an explanation but we have not received a response.

“We engaged briefly with a member of Rhode Island and informed him that Pavia is not involved in the conflict. We have asked Rhode Island to stay out of Pavia in future.”

Citizens urged to listen to authorities

Pavians have been urged to remain calm but follow the advice of government agencies.

In a new initiative, the government has partnered with the Pavia Institute to publish a national threat level.

It has been raised to expected, with Pavians advised to exercise caution while in Pavia and follow advice from the coast guard, who may direct people to evacuate for safety.

The Crown Prince has also approved funding for citizen panic bunkers to ensure safety in the event of a further attack.

“It has been established that Rhode Island does not care for bystanders in this conflict,” a government spokesperson said.

“All Pavians should ensure they stay up to date with the threat level and follow all directions from authorities.”

The Pavian Government has asked Rhode Island to open a diplomatic channel to resolve the conflict peacefully.

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