The third Crown Prince of Pavia has died on dice day. (Unsplash) The third Crown Prince of Pavia has died on dice day. (Unsplash)

Pavia has gone into mourning over the death of the third Crown Prince, Gobblin, following a traditional ritual among the dukes.

Adorning themselves in black clothing and flying all flags at half mast, the people of Pavia are in the short period of despair following the ducal ceremony being held for the third time on the country’s land.

Every six weeks, the dukes come together to decide the continued leadership of the state.

Although Gobblin I continued his reign after surviving the first dice day, he died at his second.

After today’s rites, the dukes will vote to elect a new Crown Prince.

Citizens remember safe war response

The third Crown Prince, his grace Gobblin I the Duke of Windermere, is being remembered for being the first war prince.

Shortly after his election, Pavia was dragged into a world war.

He appointed diplomats to more than 10 countries around the world.

He also appointed a duke for labour, following concerns from the union about fair pay and workers’ safety.

Throughout his reign, Pavia has remained largely untouched by the war.

Belligerent nations have, however, attacked Pavia and placed obsidian throughout the country.

The national threat level remains at certain.

A new Crown Prince is expected to be sworn in tomorrow.

The Crown Prince is dead.

May he rest in peace.

Long live Pavia.

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