A new pact hopes to bring security and infrastructure to Pavia. (Unsplash) A new pact hopes to bring security and infrastructure to Pavia. (Unsplash)

Pavia has joined the newly-formed Elysian Pact with SPQR, Jorvik and Estalia to bolster regional security and stimulate economic cooperation around infrastructure.

The Crown Prince, BritishWanderer II, today announced that he had signed the treaty to create the pact and formally bring the nations together, having met with his counterparts at a ceremony in Estalia.

“The global arena is a constant flowing river of political changes and upheaval”, he said.

“Whilst we will fight our hardest to keep Pavia and our region safe, having like-minded friends and allies aids us greatly in any future challenges we may face as a nation.”

Regional security key to agreement

A key feature of the agreement is its focus on regional security.

“I am glad that our four great nations have come together to put regional security on paper”, the Crown Prince said.

“This pact defends Pavia from foreign threats, allowing us to dedicate more time and wealth to not only defend our neighbours from petty criminals and raiders but to promote further connectivity and economic growth.”

Many commentators drew links between the pact and a roving “world police” force. But the Crown Prince says these concerns are unfounded.

“Pavia does not seek to use the military might of the other parties to gallivant around the world making trouble.

“We are dedicated to regional peace only, which is why Pavia is expanding our coast guard’s reach to protect a greater stretch of ocean. This pact only furthers these objectives.”

Building infrastructure a priority

The government also hopes to see the pact kickstart infrastructure development.

“I was very pleased to see all parties agree to commit to developing infrastructure and economic projects between one another.

“Works have already begun with a direct rail from Jorvik and a connection coming south from Estalia.

“Infrastructure is a joint venture between the parties. We are lucky to sit on such a rich mineral deposit, allowing us to pull our weight with greater juggernauts.

“And with Jorvik already promising materials from their ice fields to future projects, we are well positioned to see great infrastructure between our nations.”

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