Tensions tarnish tranquil times, turning treaties to trash. (Unsplash) Tensions tarnish tranquil times, turning treaties to trash. (Unsplash)

A sudden but intense battle between Estalia and Rhode Island means Pavia could be called into armed conflict through the Elysian Pact, threatening the stability of the group created just over a week ago.

A clash between Rhode Island and Estalian fighters, which saw a member of Rhode Island’s leadership imprisoned, comes after trespassing allegations levied by the Kingdom of ErrorL.

Earlier in the week, KOEL officials discovered Rhode Islanders unlawfully placing surveillance devices within the kingdom, which they publicly denounced as a violation of the recent non-aggression pact between the nations.

And the Daily Nut reported that Rhode Island had looted from Estalian government structures.

Rhode Island has publicly rejected any claims that it engaged in aggression.

The Tribune does not suggest that these two conflicts are linked.

Pavia could be called to help

Under the Elysian Pact, which Pavia entered earlier this month, Estalia can call on Pavia to join the conflict to defend the nation against attackers.

Estalia has told Pavia through diplomatic channels that it will not ask pact members to assist in the conflict at this time, government officials told the Tribune.

Pavia is “woefully unprepared” to join any fight, with no defensive infrastructure and no plans to build any, expert commentators say.

“Let me be clear, Pavia views itself as a non-militaristic nation”, said Cissonius, the Duke of Braemar and head of the coast guard, when asked about defense capability.

“The Pavian Government is wishful for diplomatic resolution of the tensions between our closest neighbours.

“We are steadfast in our belief that diplomacy can resolve this without any further violence.”

The Tribune understands that both Estalia and Rhode Island are set to release official statements in the coming hours.

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