Maritime borders in Pavia will be closely monitored by trained citizens. (Unsplash) Maritime borders in Pavia will be closely monitored by trained citizens. (Unsplash)

In an effort to protect the island nation’s borders, the Pavian Government has taken a strong stance against illegal entrants with the Crown Prince standing up the coast guard.

Although Pavia features strong defensive capability thanks to its status as an island nation, the government has taken an interest in doing all it can to control who is inside its borders.

“Today, we are taking decisive action to protect our sovereignty”, the Crown Prince, his grace the Duke of Bedford, said in a statement.

“A strong coast guard ensures we can respond swiftly to threats and keep our citizens safe.

“Our message to any criminal who tries to enter Pavia by any means is clear.

“You will not make Pavia home”.

The Tribune understands that his grace Cissonius the Duke of Braemar has been appointed as the inaugural head of the coast guard.

“We are determined to keep Pavia’s border safe and secure by removing all threats from the country”, the Duke of Braemar said.

“Selected citizens have been intensively training with the coast guard, gaining advanced skills that will secure us against any adversary.

“Our capability to detect any person within our borders is superb”.

Training drills continue in the Pavian Harbour as recruits learn to operate vessels at high speeds.

Citizens are advised to keep clear of the area until this weekend.

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