Authorities were quick to respond after detecting the alien's misdeeds. (Unsplash) Authorities were quick to respond after detecting the alien’s misdeeds. (Unsplash)

An alien who destroyed part of the pristine coastline off west Pavia has been fatally wounded by the coast guard which responded hastily after detecting the criminal miscreant, prompting the Crown Prince to formalise the coast guard in law.

Caught destroying a Pavian flag by the Crown Prince, his grace BritishWanderer the Duke of Bedford enjoined Wiz_Cheese to leave the island immediately.

After refusing to do so, the Crown Prince quickly called the coast guard to remove the offender from Pavia.

A shot fired by an armed responder fatally wounded the criminal. (PIF/British Studio) A shot fired by an armed responder fatally wounded the criminal. (PIF/British Studio)

The Crown Prince, his grace Gobblin the Duke of Windemere and hitobashiru raced into action and followed the criminal into the Pavian Harbour.

Not long into a high speed pursuit, the criminal was fatally wounded by a shot fired by one of the armed responders.

“I am confident in the security and safety of our borders”, the Crown Prince said.

“We have been doing an amazing job marking our claims and installing surveillance equipment and other preventative measures.

“As the motto of our coast guard states, you will not make Pavia home.

“I strongly believe in our commitment to this message and the enforcement of our claims and territories.”

Coast guard formalised in law

Following the event, the Crown Prince announced that he had formalised the coast guard in a new law.

“Pavia’s borders are under threat”, the Crown Prince said in the preamble of the law.

“Over ninety percent of our country’s international borders are coastal or maritime.

“It is clear now that our peripheries, particularly the many islands of the Merilde Bay, are all too vulnerable to foolhardy foreign settlers and dangerous criminals.”

The law grants the coast guard broad powers to build security infrastructure, demolish squatter structures, detain and deport criminals, inspect all foreign vessels and create emergency zones barring all passage.

Local libertarian organisations questioned whether such far reaching powers were warranted from a single incursion.

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