The newly formed Pavian Wildlife Foundation believes local turtles are endangered. (Unsplash) The newly formed Pavian Wildlife Foundation believes local turtles are endangered. (Unsplash)

A trip to the Pavian coastline led a budding environmentalist to realise that the local turtle population is dwindling, prompting them to form the Pavian Wildlife Foundation to protect endangered animals.

Turtles can only be found in beaches and will always try to return to the beach where they were born.

As well as facing threats from wild animals, turtles are also displaced from their habitats by the impacts of human industrialisation.

But these magnificent creatures have found hope in the founder of the Pavian Wildlife Foundation, CedarValiant.

“Every day our nation’s biodiversity drops by 5 per cent”, CedarValiant told the Tribune.

“We have to protect our nation’s great animals so they may be enjoyed by Pavians that are here now, and those to come.

“There would be nothing worse than to see turtles go missing from our waterways”.

Cause receives ducal backing

And the problem is being picked up by those in high places, too.

For the Duke of Lugano, whose escutcheon is charged with a turtle, the impassioned plea of the foundation struck a chord.

“As turtles, and in particular the Lugani Sea Turtle, are indigenous to Lugano and the region, we want to ensure their survival and well-being”, his grace Creepi0n said.

“We want to give as many turtles as possible a good, worthwhile life in hopes of preserving their species for generations to come.”

“The Dukedom of Lugano has a especially deep connection to them as they are our heraldic animal for centuries and essentially the figurehead of the Dukedom.

“In Lugano, the turtle is a symbol of luck and longevity.

“May our region, as well as our dukes and our people, have long lives full of happiness and prosperity.”

It is not yet clear what formal protection the foundation or the duke will bring to save the turtles.

But it is clear that the turtles would be deeply missed should they go extinct.

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