Town hall construction has been beset by delays caused by theft. (Unsplash) Town hall construction has been beset by delays caused by theft. (Unsplash)

While construction workers were on a smoking break, an unknown thief has broken into storage containers at the town hall worksite and stolen publicly-funded building materials.

The grand town hall, which is expected to require hundreds of thousands of stone pieces, has been under construction for several days now.

The superstructure will form the basis of the city of Pavia and is planned to be a spectacle in its own right.

But dreams have been hampered by a yet unknown thief who pilfered during workers’ break time.

The head of the Architectural Bureau, his grace Gobblin the Duke of Windermere, has been acting as the site foreman since works began.

“We still do not not know the full extent of the theft”, Gobblin said.

“But we do know that it has set us back by days and that it’s going to cost millions to replace the stolen blocks.

“Hundreds of Pavians will go hungry this winter because we will have to take that money out of funds to support the poor.”

The Tribune understands that the matter has been referred to Fregetable, the detective of Pavia, for investigation.

Fregetable declined to comment while the matter remains under active investigation.

More to come.

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