Prominent Pavians pain pandas producing profits, it has been revealed. (Unsplash) Prominent Pavians pain pandas producing profits, it has been revealed. (Unsplash)

Pavians are profiting from criticised farming practices, with pandas held captive in inhumane and cruel conditions merely to produce goods for manufacturing.

The Tribune was recently invited to skubisland, a small island privately held by skubcat located just south of Pavia, after rumours of unsavoury business practices circulated throughout Pavia.

Adorned not with any buildings, a small bamboo plantation sits atop the non-descript island.

Underneath the surface, however, is a sophisticated operation to exploit animals.

Our reporters were completely aghast at the conditions inside the island’s caverns.

Scores of adult pandas were held in cramped, tiny pens where they could not move about and were kept only to breed with each other.

The conditions were so nasty that all the animals were diseased and could not stop sneezing.

Inhumane farming practices were uncovered following a *Tribune* investigation. (GetSkinny) Inhumane farming practices were uncovered following a Tribune investigation. (GetSkinny)

When the adult pandas gave birth to a baby panda, it was swiftly removed from its parents and transported into an even more cramped area.

Worker NovaStorm93 told the Tribune that these areas were purposely tiny so that pandas suffocated as they aged and outgrew the space.

The barbaric conditions are employed to extract animal gelatin from the baby pandas.

Government will review procurement practices: Duke

The government was recently lobbied by the Pavian Wildlife Foundation to protect endangered turtles.

No announcements have been made about any potential legislative change to protect animals.

But pressure is now mounting from activists to extend any protections to inhumane treatment of all animals.

A spokesperson for his grace Cissonius the Duke of Braemar told the Tribune that these practices are “disgusting”.

“The Duke of Braemar after being informed of these barbaric practices commits to a thorough review of farming practices on skubisland and will work tirelessly to improve the treatment of these cherished animals.

“The Pavian Government will undertake an urgent review of its supply chain and ensure government procurement practices are sound to prevent future inhumane practices from infesting our shores”.

A source close to other dukes believes that stronger animal protection laws are unlikely to be supported, with the government having a keen interest in industrial production at any cost.

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