War efforts dispel two failed attacks using secret tunnels. (Unsplash) War efforts dispel two failed attacks using secret tunnels. (Unsplash)

Disruptions are expected to education after Rhode Island attacked in the middle of the night, turning Pavia into a theatre of war and causing allies to scramble to defend the country.

While innocent Pavians were sound asleep, Rhode Island aggressors secretly bored a tunnel under the country to evade detection by authorities. Deep underground, the attackers broke almost all of Pavia’s city bastions.

But authorities soon became aware of the attackers’ presence when they clambered into the Pavia vault surrounds. Rhode Island aggressors then attempted to break all Pavia’s vault bastions.

As Pavian defenders rallied to secure the nation, battles ensued near the vault. Unfortunately, a fighter from ally Estalia, thejkh, was killed and imprisoned by Rhode Island before the aggressors retreated.

Crown Prince defenders win

Rhode Island returned to the vault through a second secret tunnel they had dug. The Crown Prince and two Pavian defenders were the only people inside the vault at the time.

The Crown Prince secured a contingent of coast guard officials and local Pavian militia members to join, alongside him, a defence against the aggressors. Despite attackers breaking entry points into the vault, light skirmishes on the southwest side saw tactical gains for the defenders.

With the arrival of reinforcements from Estalia and a large cohort of Pavians, the number of defenders quickly swelled. The attack was expected to be the last stand of the Pavian vault. But the five aggressors, significantly outnumbered, again retreated using their attack tunnel.

Pavia remains safe

The two attack tunnels discovered by the coast guard were quickly disabled, a spokesperson said.

BritishWanderer III, the Crown Prince and Duke of Bedford, gave thanks on behalf of the Pavian Government to its militia and allies for quickly coming to its aid without any notice.

“We witness the dawn of a new day with our vault still standing, thanks to the valiant efforts of our allies and the patriotism and loyalty of our people”, the Crown Prince said.

“This won’t be the last assault on our vault. But we have assured the Rogue Islanders we will damn well fight to the last man!”

Because the militia included public servants and Pavian citizens, it is anticipated that public services including schools will face staff shortages in the coming days during rest periods.

Threat level remains

The national threat level remains at certain.

Pavians are advised to exercise extreme caution and only enter the city if adequately protected in a bunker.

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