Peacetime returns in Pavia following protracted conflict. (Unsplash) Peacetime returns in Pavia following protracted conflict. (Unsplash)

In a devastating end to the war waged by Rhode Island against several countries including Pavia, allied forces joined together to disable the belligerent’s vault.

The siege follows two months of sustained attacks against Pavia and its allies, including the attack just days ago that almost saw Pavia lose its vault.

But the war was won not by might or tactic. Rather, the CivMC administrators decided to ban the majority of Rhode Islanders.

A full contingent of allied forces were rallied to quickly flood into Rhode Island and destroy its military infrastructure.

Within three hours, the allies reached the centre of the vault. After leading another two hours of breaking into the main chest, Walkers of Estalia freed all prisoners, including thejkh, Lagiacrus and Cqrs0n.

Win welcomed

The Crown Prince, BritishWanderer III, welcomed the end of the war.

“Finally Pavia and the rest of the coalition can be free from the shackles of hell”, the Crown Prince said.

In a formal statement, he celebrated the allies’ effort in the war.

“Since the outbreak of this war, Pavia has endured. Our little Principality has been been under constant siege, and has remained as the front line against Rhode Island and their fighters.

“We have fended off countless assaults from the ground, attempted skybridges, bastion breaks, and indiscriminate obby bombing of our builds.

“But throughout this, we were able to hold out — mainly because of the indefatigable support of our allies and world citizens, and the inimitable courage of our loyal citizens and supporters.

“We call on the few remaining co-belligerents to lay down their arms and make peace. You are outnumbered and cannot win.

“Pavia pledges to safeguard peace, building, diplomacy, politics, trade, and to challenge this shittery wherever it arises.”

The Pavian Government has begun a lengthy clean up of the mess left by former Rhode Island fighters.

The Tribune welcomes the return to the usual architectural and cultural workmanship within Pavia.

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