Pavian workers demonstrate haste once again. (Unsplash) Pavian workers demonstrate haste once again. (Unsplash)

In just two days, Pavian workers have built and furnished the nation’s first religious building which is set to host an international wedding in the coming weeks.

The lofty cathedral now features prominently in the north of the city. Previously a flat plain, the church sits atop a newly-created hill after tonnes of dirt was shifted to reshape the land.

As well as being an architectural feat, engineering prowess also featured in the building plan. Significant terrain changes necessitated retaining walls being built around the coastline to support the movement of mass.

The entire cathedral was built in under two days. (PIF/British Studio) The entire cathedral was built in under two days. (PIF/British Studio)

Designed by the Duke of Vetranio, paagf, the picturesque destination is set to host an upcoming wedding of foreigners — acuhdemiic of Estalia and cutepastelstars of New Jersey. Government sources confirm the couple have tentatively reserved the venue.

In a blow for the environment, deforestation for the project saw the last significant native woodland destroyed. The Fiorea national park protects the only remaining ancient trees of Pavia.

The cathedral, which has no official religion, is set to receive frequent patronage from all churchgoers across the country’s religions.

Given that the Crown Prince BritishWanderer III does not formally support any religion, the land remains crownland and was not transferred to a particular church.

You can visit the cathedral at 730, -3260.

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