The Pavia Institute has suspended all work in Pavia, citing an ongoing lack of support from the Pavian Government.

Following an unprecedented and lengthy period of no news being published, the Pavia Institute has announced that it is no longer updating any of the websites it manages on behalf of the Pavian Government.

Although it previously had a strongly integrated connection with Government, the institute claims it has not received any tips for stories for almost half a year.

In the interim, it has updated the government website with content that was made publicly available by the government.

Institute frozen out

The institute cites a lack of information being provided by the government for over six months as a key driver for refusing to continue to deliver free services.

“A lack of supply of ongoing government information for publication has indicated that the continued existence of the Pavia Institute is incompatible with current Pavian values,” a spokesperson said.

“The Pavia Institute hopes to return to Pavia should these issues be resolved.”

But the issues are disputed by the government.

“The Crown Prince was blindsided by the decision of the institute to withdraw offerings in Pavia and is confused by its intentions,” a spokesperson for the Crown Prince said.

“The Crown Prince believes the institute can continue to function with an active player at the helm to gather news in that way, with government supporting any calls for comment where possible via the press office.”

The government did not respond to a request for comment about the refusal to proactively provide information to journalists.

The freeze is expected to continue indefinitely.

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